When you’re looking for a company to handle your New Jersey video production needs, look no further than TeeFour Productions. We’re here to help you create a high-quality video presentation for your website, YouTube, Facebook page, or other social media sites.

We deliver more than just a polished product. When you work with TeeFour Productions, you deal directly with owner/producer Ted Menzies, who will guide you through every step of the process. There are no sales people at TeeFour — you’ll get your quote from the same person who is helping to write your script, shooting and editing your video, and delivering your final product.

We combine our many years of experience with a host of top-notch equipment to make your video turn out great. We have a full portable setup to make filming on location easy and unobtrusive. That includes a pro light kit, multiple cameras and audio gear, a greenscreen, teleprompter, and a popup still photo studio. Everything we shoot is recorded digitally in high definition, making it easy for the final output to be online, on DVD, or whatever format you choose.

Jersey Video Production, from New Jersey

If you’ve been searching online for someone to handle your video production needs, you’ve no doubt seen the many ads and websites from national and out-of-state companies. Most do a great job. But if you are looking for a local company, one that understands the unique culture and needs of business in the central New Jersey area, look no further than TeeFour Productions. The best part of dealing with a local service business is that they’re quick and responsive to your needs. That’s about the best promise we can make.

Please take a moment to view our demo reel above. We hope it gives you an idea of the scope and quality we bring to all of our videos. When it comes to New Jersey video production, we aim to be the leader.


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