When Envelopes.com wanted to create a corporate identity video, they turned to TeeFour Productions for help. Their concept was that they wanted to showcase their facility and the people who make their extensive line of stationary products.

To achieve this, we first met with their team and set up a tour of their factory. Since there are many steps that go into creating their final product, this was an ideal place to shoot. With the noise level on the factory floor being very high, we decided early on to avoid using a host giving a tour.

Instead, over two days of shooting, we got footage of all the different departments doing their jobs. A corporate identity video needs to go beyond just the obvious product shots, it needs to showcase the people and the ethos of a company. In the final product, we see lots of people doing different jobs, and working together as a team.

After the shoot, we assembled a rough cut and reviewed the results with the client. In going over the many shots we had, we were able to determine what was most important to them and what could be left out. This particular client even took the lead in choosing the music, going for something very upbeat and modern. Here is the final video:

Types of Corporate Identity Video

The example above is only one way to approach corporate identity video. There are many other styles that you should consider. An interview with a company officer is one possibility. Using professional voiceover to describe your business is another. There is no right or wrong, and if your goal is to create a sustained campaign, you may choose to utilize all of these. At TeeFour Productions, we’re ready to use all of our skills in visual storytelling to help you to create the best possible corporate identity video.

TeeFour Corporate Identity Video