When it comes time to choose a video producer for your business communications, it’s important to understand all of the considerations that you should make. There are a lot of companies that can help you put a video online,  but is that really enough?

At TeeFour Productions, we work closely with our clients to cultivate an image that suits your business communication needs. Sometimes you need a video that is a straight sales tool, other times you need to showcase your product or service in a way that demonstrates your expertise. Finally, you need to do so in a video that will encourage viewers to watch the whole thing and even share it with their online networks.

Being a good video producer means starting with your goals and producing a script that is both focused and effective. After that script is written, the video producer must coordinate talent and location, determine what gear is needed, and manage the production process from beginning to end. Finally, your video producer should be someone who works with you as a partner during the editing process, going over each iteration while simultaneously taking your input and making recommendations on how the final product should play.

Not Just a Video Producer

 In the example above, TeeFour Productions worked with the client to create a video that served two purposes. First, the video showcases the facilities and the people that make this golf course a great place to play. Second, there’s a direct call to action that prompts the viewer to look at the client’s website and even book a tee time.
Behind the scenes, we started with a script and worked to secure a professional voiceover artist for a reading. At one point, after the recording had been made, the client decided that they needed to change a line, which we were able to accomplish seamlessly.
As the video producer, TeeFour Productions handled all of the onsite photography as well as the edit. We even created a number of different versions, with different graphic packages that changed according to where the video was embedded online.
If you’re looking for a video producer in New Jersey, and want service that goes well beyond just the production of the video itself, give us a call at (609) 316-8334 or email at info@teefourproductions.com. You can also use our online contact form. We’re ready to help you get your business video online.
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