A product demo video is the new essential for 21st Century business. It used to be the glossy catalog that was the gold standard of product marketing. Twenty years ago, the website emerged as a must-have communication tool. In this new era of social media, if you don’t have a product demo video, you’re not in the game.

Nothing works quite as well as video to demonstrate and explain your product to potential customers. When you create your own video, you can control the message and presentation in a way that enhances your reputation. Don’t let the only result for your product search on YouTube be some random person expressing their opinion via their cellphone.

Product Demo Video Case Study

The owner of Ronjo’s Magic and Costumes has long manufactured his own line of tricks and aids for the magician community. When his wholesalers began asking him for video to demonstrate his products, he worked with TeeFour Productions to create a cute and engaging product demo video.

We lined up a group of kids for Ron to show off his product to, and then shot him performing the trick live. Using three cameras, multiple lights, and microphones, we were able to capture his performance as if it were a live show. If he had to do the trick a second time, the kid’s reactions would not have been as genuine.

Later, TeeFour Productions created some custom graphics to give the video an identity, and then edited footage from the three cameras into a fun and informative video. Ron was able to share this video through his Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as providing the raw file to his wholesalers and a YouTube video link to anyone that wanted to showcase The Sneaky Snake online.

You don’t need to be a natural performer like Ron to make a successful product demo video. We can help you come up with a great script, use a teleprompter, and even procure talent to put your product in the best light. To get started on your own product demo video, give us a call at (609) 316-TEE4 or email info@teefourproductions.com.

TeeFour Product Demo Video