Video sharing on social media can take many forms. Once you’ve created your video, you have options on where and when they can be played. TeeFour Productions has experience in using most of the popular sites and we’ve developed a strategy to help your video get maximum exposure.

You have a lot of choices about where to host your video. You may host it directly on your server, tightly integrated with your website. There are some advantages to this approach. Mainly, it gives you a clearer picture of analytics as far as how many people view the page and actually play the video. There are also many third-party sites that will handle your videos for you. WordPress, for instance, has a subscription service that serves video and works very well with their popular backend.  For pure critical mass, however, the clear winner is YouTube.












As you can see from this poll report about video sharing on social media from the site, the vast majority of video producers choose to host their videos on YouTube. There are a lot of reasons for this. The biggest one is that YouTube is, well, the biggest one. YouTube is now the world’s second most popular search engine, behind only its parent Google. It just makes sense to be where the eyeballs are. But YouTube doesn’t just rest on their traffic. They also provide a great many tools to optimize your video marketing efforts.

One of the biggest advantages to using YouTube is its portability. On virtually any platform or device, the reader will recognize that a video is originating from YouTube and either embed the player or launch a separate app. This is very important. The only thing worse than customers not being able to see a video that you paid to produce is frustrating your customers because they can’t see your video.

Another great feature in YouTube is the Closed Captioning option. This might seem like an extra feature that doesn’t benefit many viewers, but in fact it is an essential part of search engine optimization. By giving a clear and definitive transcript of your video, Google is able to index its contents just as they do your website.

Video Sharing on Social Media Strategy

So now you’ve got your video, hosted on YouTube with a transcript, what next? This is where your wider social media presence becomes important. Rather than hosting a video on Facebook, you can post your YouTube video directly on to your Facebook page. This is rather seamless to the viewer, but maintains your one central area to track views. Then you can extend your efforts to Twitter, Pinterest, or whatever other platforms on which you maintain an online presence.

If you are a central New Jersey business or organization and need help with your video sharing on social media, get in touch with us here at TeeFour Productions. We can help you to create a great video, and also help you maximize your exposure through smart use of social media technologies.