YouTube marketing can mean many things — it could be creating videos to promote your business, or product demonstrations for potential clients, or even instructionals for customers who already bought your product. There are many ways to leverage video content to help your business, but there is one important thing to remember about YouTube: every video is on equal footing.

There are channels that feature “premium” content, but each individual video sits on its own YouTube page, whether it was produced by a multi-million dollar ad agency or a small mom-and-pop store. One area where this has become an extreme example is the beauty industry.

The beauty and cosmetics industry is big business: over $13 billion in annual revenue. And we’ve all seen their ads on television — beautiful young people pouting at the camera in dramatic light. Or fifty-something Hollywood stars who don’t look a day over thirty. That’s the kind of brand recognition that a huge ad budget can buy. But what about online?

In this report from the website Pixability, we can see the impact that smaller players are having on the beauty industry. While the big-name brands all have channels on YouTube, they’re completely overwhelmed by smaller players and individual vloggers who have seized control of the conversation.


As you can see, there are 45,000 channels that focus on beauty-related topics. That’s a lot of video being dedicated to one industry. Yet only 2% of the 700 million monthly views are going to the big players in the industry. To take it a step further, the top 15 beauty vloggers have over 2 million subscribers!

What does all of this mean to the big players in the beauty industry? The most important thing it signals is that in an industry where image control is crucial, they have no control at all. Even if they were to ramp up their YouTube marketing efforts dramatically, there’s almost no way they could stem the tide of information about their products being put out there by third parties.

Smart YouTube Marketing

If you’re a business in central New Jersey looking to put some videos online, you may not think this has much to do with you. After all, if you had millions of customers critiquing your product on YouTube, you’d have millions of customers. Nice problem to have. But the issues facing the big players in the beauty industry can be instructive to any business.

If you are not controlling the flow of information about your product online, someone else may. That someone may be your biggest fan, or your biggest competitor.  Smart YouTube marketing means taking the initiative and putting your best foot forward, so that anyone who is searching for your product or service is likely to find a message that you’ve crafted, and that serves your goals.

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