There’s a reason why YouTube video is the grandaddy of them all. When its founders had the idea ten years ago that there should be an easy platform for hosting video content that could be shared on many different web sites, they were clearly onto something. The online world has changed a lot in the years since, but YouTube has ridden the wave of change and managed to stay on top.

But is YouTube video still the way to go? A recent article on the video marketing site made the argument that there are better alternatives to using YouTube. They make a good case. The number one problem they point out (from a marketing standpoint) is that the owner of a video has very few tools for engagement with their audience. Sure, there is a robust comment and response ecosystem, but if you want to reach the audience you’ve built with messaging outside of video, there are few options.Youtube video

However, if you are managing a marketing campaign that includes video content, you really have no choice but to be a part of the YouTube video universe. There is such an emphasis on views that it may seem like your video efforts have been a failure if you don’t have six-figure viewing numbers. But sheer volume is rarely your goal. It is much more important to use video as an engagement tool for your customers, suppliers, and even employees.

What Kind of YouTube Video?

This is often the big question. Should a YouTube video be a straight-up advertisement like you see on television?  Should it be a narrative, like the ones that go viral? Or should it be informative or service-oriented, helping customers use your product? The answer, of course, is that it may be any of these, and a successful campaign will often employ all of them. That is where the real strength of YouTube video comes into play.

The basic sales-pitch advertisement has a terrific platform on YouTube. Their 200 million users watch a lot of video, and you can target your simple ad to run as a pre-roll before any number of popular YouTube videos. There is no place else on the internet that gives you that kind of a television advertising feel at a fraction of the cost. If you’re trying to go for the viral video brass ring, there’s no other place to be. YouTube video is easily shared across social networks where viral videos take off, and the YouTube servers (powered by Google) are the most robust platform in the world, easily serving up millions of videos a day. Finally, if you just want to create service videos, any YouTube video is easily embedded on your website or Facebook page or mobile app… just about anywhere you choose to engage your customers.

So while there may be practical reasons to host your video somewhere other than YouTube, the case for YouTube video is simply overwhelming. If your business is ready to start creating online video, get in touch with TeeFour Productions to find out how we can help you to realize your video marketing goals.