A commercial real estate video can be an invaluable tool for showcasing your commercial property and giving potential clients an inside look at your facility. Whether a potential tenant is doing research online for available space or has already toured your property, a good commercial real estate video will enable your offering to stand above the rest.

What makes a good commercial real estate video? The tone is very important. If you are marketing an office space that caters to professional tenants, you want a video that has a staid, classic look and sound. Here is a video that TeeFour Productions created for the Roosevelt Square Professional Building:

When we created this commercial real estate video, we acquired talent for the spot to play the role of workers in the building. It is important to show how people interact with the environment, even if you’re dealing with a new space that has yet to lease out. We made sure to get footage of all of the available space and amenities throughout the building, as well as exterior shots.

The script was written in advance and approved by the building owner. TeeFour Productions handled finding the voiceover talent and licensing legal music to use throughout the video. Because we also created the website that the video is hosted on, we were able to match the fonts and color schemes on the video’s graphics.

Commercial Real Estate Video Themes

As stated before, the theme above was directed at tenants who need a quiet and professional space. Maybe your space is geared more towards creative talent, like a recording studio. Or something more industrial, like a factory floor or warehouse. You may even have some unique features, like a theater or walk-in freezers. These are all possibilities and all require slightly different thinking when you are producing a commercial real estate video.

TeeFour Productions is here to help you sort it all out. From script to photography, editing to distribution, we can help you create an informative and compelling commercial real estate video. Get in touch with us to find out how.

TeeFour Commercial Real Estate Video Production