Social media video sharing is often seen as the endgame when a company creates a new video. They plan the message, go through production, and publish their video online. After all that, then they set out to promote their production on social media. But when you don’t take the intricacies of social media video sharing into account from the beginning, you may miss an opportunity to optimize your investment.

Each of the most popular platforms for social media have their own unique culture. It helps to think about the context that you’ll be sharing in before you plan out a script. The audience at LinkedIn will most likely be very different from the one at Pinterest. That doesn’t mean that you can’t promote your video to viewers of both, you just need to take the time to plan out your most effective means of reaching them.

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Photo Sharing: Mobile apps like Instagram and more traditional sites like Facebook and Tumblr start with photos. That’s the most likely way to grab the viewer’s attention. You can make this work in your favor by planning ahead to include one signature visual for your video. It needs to be a strong image that will engage the audience and draw them into clicking on your video. Think, for example, of the recent Geico commercial with the camel celebrating hump day. The singular image of a camel in an office is enough to intrigue the viewer into clicking, just to find out what exactly is going on!

Tagging: When you promote your video on sites like Twitter or YouTube, getting the tags right can be essential. Think about how you focus on SEO when you produce written content for your website: you settle on a keyword or phrase and then concentrate on weaving it throughout your post. Social media video sharing inhabits a similar space. You need to think about a simple and direct word or phrase that summarizes the main idea of your video. This will become the most effective hashtag or keyword tag that you can use across social media networks.

Interest Groups: When it comes to online groups or communities like those on LinkedIn or Reddit, it really helps to contribute to the group before you post your video. If you have one posting and it’s a link to your video, the regular group member will be turned off and will not visit your site (some may even ban you outright!). But if you take a little time to research where your video will be effective, and make a few friendly posts there leading up to the time when you want to promote your video, you will find a more receptive audience. Social media video sharing is much more effective when you’ve prepped your audience to receive your message.

Social Media Video Sharing Goals

Finally, it helps to have some goals in mind when you set out to share your video. Are you launching a new product or service? This is a big one and having viewers (or better yet, customers) share your video across their social networks helps to get the word out. Maybe you just have a video that shares some of your knowledge in an attempt to establish your core competency. This is where tagging and metadata are crucial. Whatever your social media video sharing goals are, TeeFour Productions can help you plan out your vision and execute a quality video production.