Good video services many needs for both the viewer and the creator. The viewer can find useful information, a more complete look at a product or service, and entertainment. The creator can get their message across in a friendly way, that’s easy to digest and memorable. More importantly, the creator controls how the message is expressed.

A great example, now that it’s tax time, is how the software company TurboTax is using their YouTube channel as a video services center. Viewers can visit the channel and find a wide range of video services programs that answer tax questions and demonstrate how TurboTax can help. This is great marketing, smartly executed. TurboTax draws millions of viewers to their channel who are seeking exactly the help that they provide. The utility of the videos encourages sharing, increasing traffic and SEO.

turbo tax video services channel

Turbo Tax YouTube Channel.

The key concept here is utility. TurboTax is delivering useful information to consumers through their video services. The videos answer common questions about tax preparation,  but they also show how easy the process is when you use their software. Their channel is well-organized, with curated areas that divide their videos into sections like “General Tax Tips,” “Family and Home,” and “Job and Career.” Another great option they offer right at the top of their channel is the option to view the videos in Spanish.

How many people actually find and use this information? The graph below gives you some indication. You can see that as recently as 10 years ago, not very many people turned to the internet for tax advice. The last five years, however, have seen an explosion in how people trust and depend on information they can find online. Professionally produced video services are a big part of this revolution.


Video Services Approach

It pays to give some thought to how you are going to execute your marketing strategy when it comes to video services. In the above example, TurboTax created a useful channel that serves as a hub for information about tax filings and other tax-related questions. For more information about TurboTax’s video channel on YouTube, see this related article from ReelSEO.

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