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A good website video can serve many purposes. For visitors to your website, a video introduction can tell them what they need to know about your site, and even make them more comfortable about joining your community or making a purchase.

First and foremost, a website video establishes your identity. If your site is a serious, business-minded endeavor, then your video should be very professional. Professional in its tone, graphics, and voiceover. If your site is more hobby-oriented, your website video should have a fun vibe that showcases your personality and your love of the topic.

Here at TeeFour Productions, we always recommend that our clients host their videos on YouTube. This may seem counter-intuitive when it comes t0 website video — after all, if someone is visiting your site why not host the video there? The answer, simply, is discoverability. A well-made video that provides an overview of your website can lead some of YouTube’s millions of viewers to find their way on to your site. Whether they view your video on YouTube or on your home page doesn’t matter, what matters is that you get your message across.

Website Video Case Study

The owner of saw a need in the market for a social networking site that caters to the needs of construction professionals. The need might not be obvious to many people, and he also needed a bit of a sales pitch to achieve a critical mass of construction professionals on his site to make it work. He called in TeeFour Productions to create a video that lays out the concept and details the advantages to working through UBuildNet. Here is the video we created:

We worked with the site owner to craft a script that introduces the concept of UBuildNet and highlights the great services they offer. We then managed the process of auditioning and hiring professional voiceover talent to give the website video a really polished sound. To keep things simple and inexpensive, we used stock photo images to enhance the visuals.

If you need to create a website video for your online project, get in touch with TeeFour Productions and see how we can help you make the most if your site.

Video editing is often an afterthought when planning a corporate video production, but how the final product is assembled is just as important as the visuals. Today’s cameras are so sophisticated and easy to use that getting great pictures can look easy (it’s not). But even after gathering a selection of terrific footage, it still needs to be put together in a compelling way.

The word used in narrative filmmaking is montage, and it simply means a series of images that are cut together to tell a larger story. All video uses montage as part of their storytelling, but there are many different approaches that can enhance or detract from the final product. The most important thing is to begin with a concept of what you want your final video to be thematically, and to approach production with video editing in mind.

 Video Editing Style

When TeeFour Productions partnered with to create a corporate identity video, we started with an idea of how the video editing would be handled. They wanted a fast-paced video that worked something like a tour of their facility. They wanted to look modern and high-tech, and they wanted to feature their employees working hard, to emphasize that there are people behind the website.

The video editing was built around the music that they chose. The tempo of the music was the backbone for the video editing. We started the video with the actual entrance to their facility, and then moved through the different departments as you would if you were walking through. TeeFour Productions created the beginning of the video, with the animated envelope. Creating an interesting graphic or opening animation is another overlooked aspect of video editing.

Another important video editing consideration is the onscreen graphics. For this production, we matched the company’s color scheme and font to create the lower thirds that tie in nicely with their website and corporate identity. The slide-in effect complements the fast-paced presentation nicely. The video editing also tells a story — from the front door through the planning and production departments through to shipping, you can see every step of the process that their envelopes go through to reach your door.

If you need to create a New Jersey corporate video where the video editing is crucial to telling your story, get in touch with TeeFour Productions. We specialize in producing online videos that make companies in central New Jersey look their best.

The company profile video is the new brochure. There was a time when a few simple printed materials, like a postcard or a catalog were the standard for business communication. But that time has long passed. If your company does not have a video that gives potential customers an overview of your business, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

Social media has revolutionized the way businesses can market themselves. More importantly, it has changed consumer habits. Today, when a potential customer is shopping for goods or services, the first place they turn is online. Google is the largest and most popular search engine, and often the first place people turn. But did you know that YouTube is a close second? Furthermore, since YouTube is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Google, results from YouTube often land very high up in a typical Google search. A company profile video can help your business rise to the top of organic search.

What is a Company Profile Video?

Simply put, a company profile video is an overview of your business. It typically consists of an interview with the principal or owners, product shots of their offerings, and maybe some customer testimonials. Here is a company profile video that TeeFour Productions created with StudioNow for Krystal White Boards.

To prepare for this video, the owner wrote a script covering all of the points that he wanted to make. TeeFour Productions worked with him to narrow the script and create a tight two-minute video. On shooting day, we brought our portable studio setup to Krystal’s offices and filmed with two cameras while the owner read from a teleprompter. We then had other employees demonstrate various functions, such as design, manufacturing, packaging, and installation of the white boards. The entire shoot took under two hours and caused minimal disruption to their normal business routine.

If you’re ready create a company profile video for your business, give TeeFour Productions a call to find out how simple and affordable it can be to get your company video online.

A commercial real estate video can be an invaluable tool for showcasing your commercial property and giving potential clients an inside look at your facility. Whether a potential tenant is doing research online for available space or has already toured your property, a good commercial real estate video will enable your offering to stand above the rest.

What makes a good commercial real estate video? The tone is very important. If you are marketing an office space that caters to professional tenants, you want a video that has a staid, classic look and sound. Here is a video that TeeFour Productions created for the Roosevelt Square Professional Building:

When we created this commercial real estate video, we acquired talent for the spot to play the role of workers in the building. It is important to show how people interact with the environment, even if you’re dealing with a new space that has yet to lease out. We made sure to get footage of all of the available space and amenities throughout the building, as well as exterior shots.

The script was written in advance and approved by the building owner. TeeFour Productions handled finding the voiceover talent and licensing legal music to use throughout the video. Because we also created the website that the video is hosted on, we were able to match the fonts and color schemes on the video’s graphics.

Commercial Real Estate Video Themes

As stated before, the theme above was directed at tenants who need a quiet and professional space. Maybe your space is geared more towards creative talent, like a recording studio. Or something more industrial, like a factory floor or warehouse. You may even have some unique features, like a theater or walk-in freezers. These are all possibilities and all require slightly different thinking when you are producing a commercial real estate video.

TeeFour Productions is here to help you sort it all out. From script to photography, editing to distribution, we can help you create an informative and compelling commercial real estate video. Get in touch with us to find out how.

TeeFour Commercial Real Estate Video Production

A popular marketing tool for authors and publishers is the book trailer video. There’s a wide variety of styles that can be found among book trailer videos, including dramatic scenes, author insides, and straight forward sales pitches. At TeeFour Productions, we use our editorial background to create videos that are useful to the viewer while conveying the sales message.

In his book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, author Gary Vaynerchuk lays out the strategy that we employ here. The idea is to give away as much useful information as you can, free of any obligation, to your audience. This allows you to do a number of things. First, it builds goodwill to the people who might be seeking your services. Second, it establishes you as an authority in your field. Finally, it helps you to gain trust in people that you may later be selling to.

The Book Trailer Video

In this video, author and speaker Frances Cole Jones is giving some valuable advice to job seekers. With the economy being what it has been for the last few years, this is a large target market. In order to help the audience feel more receptive to her message, she uses a friendly tone and gives real, practical advice for the job seeker.

The book trailer video opens with images of her books, which serves two purposes. First, it creates some brand awareness for her WOW Factor book and lecture series. Second, by showcasing the books that she’s written, it gives her a level of authority to speak about her subject area.

Book trailer video

Frances Cole Jones

We were able to set up a nice light and sound combination in a conference room to do the shoot. There was very little planning and scripting that went into the video, as Frances is an experienced public speaker and felt that the immediacy of an extemporaneous video would help to convey her energy level more than something scripted.

Of course, it becomes tiresome for the viewer to watch a “talking head” style video for too long. So TeeFour Productions mixed a graphics package that highlights her points with some simple camera changes to keep the video engaging. Mixed with some contemporary jazz music, it keeps the video moving along. The explicit sales pitch doesn’t come until the end, and it’s a soft sell that’s not likely to turn off the viewer.

This book trailer video is likely to be shared on blogs, LinkedIn and other social media sites with a business or personal development focus. Any business video can use the same strategy — give the viewer some useful information before going to the sales pitch. If you need to produce a book trailer video, or any informational video production, give TeeFour Productions a call to find out how we can help.

We’ve all heard the death knell for DVD production: streaming is the way to go, mobile devices can’t play them, they’re too fragile… the list goes on. But if you need marketing collateral that can be mailed to potential clients, or handed out at a trade show, you still can’t do much better than the traditional DVD.

The party band Rapidfire needed something to send out to event planners that showcased their style and sound. TeeFour Productions worked with the band to create a great-looking and great-sounding DVD that could be easily shipped to planners or simply handed out at their shows. We started by planning a rehearsal time for the whole band where we could shoot video as well as take some stills of the band. DVD production is a multi-step process that begins with strong planning.

For the rehearsal, we set up five cameras, including one on a crane to give those great swooping shots you see in concert videos. We combined sound feeds from the mixing board as well as various room microphones to be sure that we could achieve the right mix when it came time to create the sound for their DVD production.

dvd production coverBefore they started their performances, we set up lights to get still photos of the band. These were important not only for the band’s website, but also for the cover of the DVD. TeeFour Productions has a completely portable studio system that can put still and video lights, sound equipment, and a multitude of cameras in virtually any space.

The band played through their set and we got everything recorded. The idea was to create an intro on the video as well as a few samples of complete songs. This way, the people who viewed their DVD could just watch the overview or choose to dig deeper into their repertoire.

The order of operations actually had the DVD production coming last. The first thing we did was to create individual videos for each of the songs that they played. First, we created an animated logo with sound effects that could open all of the videos as well as the DVD. Then we went on to create each video separately. This involved switching between the five cameras during the video editing process. From there, we mixed down the audio tracks to get the best possible sound for each song. The sound files were exported to create mp3’s for their web site and social media presence.

The next step was to combine the pre-recorded intro and then take highlights from their best songs and put them together into a video that would auto-play when the DVD was inserted into a device. We worked very closely with the band to pick out the best snippets from both a sound and a visual standpoint. You can view the intro below:

DVD Production Made Easy

With all of the pieces in place, TeeFour Productions handled the mastering and printing of the DVDs. We were able to deliver a box of quality printed DVDs, a selection of mp3s, a portfolio of professional stills, and a number of music videos all from one four-hour shoot. If your marketing strategy includes DVD production, give TeeFour Productions a call to see how we can help you make the most of your project.

A product demo video is the new essential for 21st Century business. It used to be the glossy catalog that was the gold standard of product marketing. Twenty years ago, the website emerged as a must-have communication tool. In this new era of social media, if you don’t have a product demo video, you’re not in the game.

Nothing works quite as well as video to demonstrate and explain your product to potential customers. When you create your own video, you can control the message and presentation in a way that enhances your reputation. Don’t let the only result for your product search on YouTube be some random person expressing their opinion via their cellphone.

Product Demo Video Case Study

The owner of Ronjo’s Magic and Costumes has long manufactured his own line of tricks and aids for the magician community. When his wholesalers began asking him for video to demonstrate his products, he worked with TeeFour Productions to create a cute and engaging product demo video.

We lined up a group of kids for Ron to show off his product to, and then shot him performing the trick live. Using three cameras, multiple lights, and microphones, we were able to capture his performance as if it were a live show. If he had to do the trick a second time, the kid’s reactions would not have been as genuine.

Later, TeeFour Productions created some custom graphics to give the video an identity, and then edited footage from the three cameras into a fun and informative video. Ron was able to share this video through his Facebook page and Twitter account, as well as providing the raw file to his wholesalers and a YouTube video link to anyone that wanted to showcase The Sneaky Snake online.

You don’t need to be a natural performer like Ron to make a successful product demo video. We can help you come up with a great script, use a teleprompter, and even procure talent to put your product in the best light. To get started on your own product demo video, give us a call at (609) 316-TEE4 or email

TeeFour Product Demo Video

When it comes time to choose a video producer for your business communications, it’s important to understand all of the considerations that you should make. There are a lot of companies that can help you put a video online,  but is that really enough?

At TeeFour Productions, we work closely with our clients to cultivate an image that suits your business communication needs. Sometimes you need a video that is a straight sales tool, other times you need to showcase your product or service in a way that demonstrates your expertise. Finally, you need to do so in a video that will encourage viewers to watch the whole thing and even share it with their online networks.

Being a good video producer means starting with your goals and producing a script that is both focused and effective. After that script is written, the video producer must coordinate talent and location, determine what gear is needed, and manage the production process from beginning to end. Finally, your video producer should be someone who works with you as a partner during the editing process, going over each iteration while simultaneously taking your input and making recommendations on how the final product should play.

Not Just a Video Producer

 In the example above, TeeFour Productions worked with the client to create a video that served two purposes. First, the video showcases the facilities and the people that make this golf course a great place to play. Second, there’s a direct call to action that prompts the viewer to look at the client’s website and even book a tee time.
Behind the scenes, we started with a script and worked to secure a professional voiceover artist for a reading. At one point, after the recording had been made, the client decided that they needed to change a line, which we were able to accomplish seamlessly.
As the video producer, TeeFour Productions handled all of the onsite photography as well as the edit. We even created a number of different versions, with different graphic packages that changed according to where the video was embedded online.
If you’re looking for a video producer in New Jersey, and want service that goes well beyond just the production of the video itself, give us a call at (609) 316-8334 or email at You can also use our online contact form. We’re ready to help you get your business video online.
TeeFour Video Producer

When wanted to create a corporate identity video, they turned to TeeFour Productions for help. Their concept was that they wanted to showcase their facility and the people who make their extensive line of stationary products.

To achieve this, we first met with their team and set up a tour of their factory. Since there are many steps that go into creating their final product, this was an ideal place to shoot. With the noise level on the factory floor being very high, we decided early on to avoid using a host giving a tour.

Instead, over two days of shooting, we got footage of all the different departments doing their jobs. A corporate identity video needs to go beyond just the obvious product shots, it needs to showcase the people and the ethos of a company. In the final product, we see lots of people doing different jobs, and working together as a team.

After the shoot, we assembled a rough cut and reviewed the results with the client. In going over the many shots we had, we were able to determine what was most important to them and what could be left out. This particular client even took the lead in choosing the music, going for something very upbeat and modern. Here is the final video:

Types of Corporate Identity Video

The example above is only one way to approach corporate identity video. There are many other styles that you should consider. An interview with a company officer is one possibility. Using professional voiceover to describe your business is another. There is no right or wrong, and if your goal is to create a sustained campaign, you may choose to utilize all of these. At TeeFour Productions, we’re ready to use all of our skills in visual storytelling to help you to create the best possible corporate identity video.

TeeFour Corporate Identity Video