Commercial video production can mean many things. We have created product demos, corporate identity videos, and straight-up sales pitches. The most important thing to remember is that this is your chance to control your online image.

Popular search engines like Google and Bing rank video near the top of their results. A good video with quality metadata can do wonders for your SEO as well as increasing awareness of your brand. You need to be aggressive in feeding the online world a steady stream of positive content to both manage your reputation and to stay at the top of the search engine pile.

How We Can Help

The above example is a great lesson in quality commercial video production. We started with writing a script for the client that helped to convey their image of what a vacation getaway at Kerry Catskills means. We then compiled a shot list and performed principle photography at their locations. For post production, we hired a voiceover professional and edited the package together into a pleasing video that gets its message across.

The video is hosted on YouTube, and embedded in their website. This helps people to find their video through YouTube’s search and linking ecosystem as well as providing a great native player for their site that is compatible with virtually any device. Hosting on a platform like YouTube also makes it easy to share the video across social media.

Your Commercial Video Production Needs

Every business has a different strategy for achieving their social media marketing goals. At TeeFour Productions, we’re here to help you use commercial video to reach your goals. Whether you need a single video to promote your brand or a series to highlight your product or service, we’re ready to get you online. Get in touch at or call (609) 316-TEE4 or (609) 316-8334.

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