video editing

Video editing is often an afterthought when planning a corporate video production, but how the final product is assembled is just as important as the visuals. Today’s cameras are so sophisticated and easy to use that getting great pictures can look easy (it’s not). But even after gathering a selection of terrific footage, it still needs to be put together in a compelling way.

The word used in narrative filmmaking is montage, and it simply means a series of images that are cut together to tell a larger story. All video uses montage as part of their storytelling, but there are many different approaches that can enhance or detract from the final product. The most important thing is to begin with a concept of what you want your final video to be thematically, and to approach production with video editing in mind.

 Video Editing Style

When TeeFour Productions partnered with to create a corporate identity video, we started with an idea of how the video editing would be handled. They wanted a fast-paced video that worked something like a tour of their facility. They wanted to look modern and high-tech, and they wanted to feature their employees working hard, to emphasize that there are people behind the website.

The video editing was built around the music that they chose. The tempo of the music was the backbone for the video editing. We started the video with the actual entrance to their facility, and then moved through the different departments as you would if you were walking through. TeeFour Productions created the beginning of the video, with the animated envelope. Creating an interesting graphic or opening animation is another overlooked aspect of video editing.

Another important video editing consideration is the onscreen graphics. For this production, we matched the company’s color scheme and font to create the lower thirds that tie in nicely with their website and corporate identity. The slide-in effect complements the fast-paced presentation nicely. The video editing also tells a story — from the front door through the planning and production departments through to shipping, you can see every step of the process that their envelopes go through to reach your door.

If you need to create a New Jersey corporate video where the video editing is crucial to telling your story, get in touch with TeeFour Productions. We specialize in producing online videos that make companies in central New Jersey look their best.

We’ve all heard the death knell for DVD production: streaming is the way to go, mobile devices can’t play them, they’re too fragile… the list goes on. But if you need marketing collateral that can be mailed to potential clients, or handed out at a trade show, you still can’t do much better than the traditional DVD.

The party band Rapidfire needed something to send out to event planners that showcased their style and sound. TeeFour Productions worked with the band to create a great-looking and great-sounding DVD that could be easily shipped to planners or simply handed out at their shows. We started by planning a rehearsal time for the whole band where we could shoot video as well as take some stills of the band. DVD production is a multi-step process that begins with strong planning.

For the rehearsal, we set up five cameras, including one on a crane to give those great swooping shots you see in concert videos. We combined sound feeds from the mixing board as well as various room microphones to be sure that we could achieve the right mix when it came time to create the sound for their DVD production.

dvd production coverBefore they started their performances, we set up lights to get still photos of the band. These were important not only for the band’s website, but also for the cover of the DVD. TeeFour Productions has a completely portable studio system that can put still and video lights, sound equipment, and a multitude of cameras in virtually any space.

The band played through their set and we got everything recorded. The idea was to create an intro on the video as well as a few samples of complete songs. This way, the people who viewed their DVD could just watch the overview or choose to dig deeper into their repertoire.

The order of operations actually had the DVD production coming last. The first thing we did was to create individual videos for each of the songs that they played. First, we created an animated logo with sound effects that could open all of the videos as well as the DVD. Then we went on to create each video separately. This involved switching between the five cameras during the video editing process. From there, we mixed down the audio tracks to get the best possible sound for each song. The sound files were exported to create mp3’s for their web site and social media presence.

The next step was to combine the pre-recorded intro and then take highlights from their best songs and put them together into a video that would auto-play when the DVD was inserted into a device. We worked very closely with the band to pick out the best snippets from both a sound and a visual standpoint. You can view the intro below:

DVD Production Made Easy

With all of the pieces in place, TeeFour Productions handled the mastering and printing of the DVDs. We were able to deliver a box of quality printed DVDs, a selection of mp3s, a portfolio of professional stills, and a number of music videos all from one four-hour shoot. If your marketing strategy includes DVD production, give TeeFour Productions a call to see how we can help you make the most of your project.