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Ready to create a YouTube channel? At TeeFour Productions, we can help you every step of the way, from coming up with a great channel concept, to producing the videos, to building the channel itself on YouTube.

When attorney Steven Hernandez wanted to create a YouTube channel for his practice, we got together with him to design and create a series of videos that focus on his specialty, DWI defense in New Jersey. Mr. Hernandez wrote a series of short scripts that describe the various legal aspects of DWI charges in the state of New Jersey and demonstrated his expertise in defending these cases.

We began by setting up a simple shoot at his office with a green screen and a teleprompter. At TeeFour Productions, we have a fully mobile setup that can deliver great, studio-quality picture and sound from nearly any location. After Mr. Hernandez finished his readings, we set about creating a series of videos that would have a consistent look and feel that would contribute to the YouTube channel having a strong online identity.

Once all of the videos were completed, it was time to start creating a channel. Google funnels all of the back-end work required to create a YouTube channel through Google Plus. This is actually a good thing when it comes to having a production company like TeeFour build your channel, since we can create a Google Plus page and then make you or your representative a manager of the page. This avoids the necessity of sharing login information but allows us to create content on YouTube using your company’s name.

There are still some administrative hoops to jump through, especially when it comes to verifying your website. This is an essential step, however, as it allows you to place a link back to your website directly on your YouTube channel, and also lets you create annotations within the video that contain an external link. The process is simple, YouTube will provide a snippet of code that your webmaster will be required to upload onto your site.

Building the YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

A clean YouTube channel design.

In building the channel, we were able to incorporate the clean, white look that is present in both the videos and on Mr. Hernandez’s corporate logo. All of the videos were uploaded with detailed metadata descriptions, titles, tags, and transcripts to optimize SEO and discoverability. To further enhance to feel of a content-centered YouTube channel, we created categories for groups of videos like “DWI Penalties in New Jersey.” This has the dual effect of creating playlists that viewers can watch without having to click from video to video. Now that the channel has been established, the Hernandez law firm can create additional videos at their discretion and simply add them to the existing channel. Adding content to an established channel always has a better feel than uploading random videos under nothing more than your user name.

If you are ready to create a YouTube channel but don’t know where to start, get in touch with TeeFour Productions and let our expertise guide you through the process.

A good website video can serve many purposes. For visitors to your website, a video introduction can tell them what they need to know about your site, and even make them more comfortable about joining your community or making a purchase.

First and foremost, a website video establishes your identity. If your site is a serious, business-minded endeavor, then your video should be very professional. Professional in its tone, graphics, and voiceover. If your site is more hobby-oriented, your website video should have a fun vibe that showcases your personality and your love of the topic.

Here at TeeFour Productions, we always recommend that our clients host their videos on YouTube. This may seem counter-intuitive when it comes t0 website video — after all, if someone is visiting your site why not host the video there? The answer, simply, is discoverability. A well-made video that provides an overview of your website can lead some of YouTube’s millions of viewers to find their way on to your site. Whether they view your video on YouTube or on your home page doesn’t matter, what matters is that you get your message across.

Website Video Case Study

The owner of saw a need in the market for a social networking site that caters to the needs of construction professionals. The need might not be obvious to many people, and he also needed a bit of a sales pitch to achieve a critical mass of construction professionals on his site to make it work. He called in TeeFour Productions to create a video that lays out the concept and details the advantages to working through UBuildNet. Here is the video we created:

We worked with the site owner to craft a script that introduces the concept of UBuildNet and highlights the great services they offer. We then managed the process of auditioning and hiring professional voiceover talent to give the website video a really polished sound. To keep things simple and inexpensive, we used stock photo images to enhance the visuals.

If you need to create a website video for your online project, get in touch with TeeFour Productions and see how we can help you make the most if your site.

Video editing is often an afterthought when planning a corporate video production, but how the final product is assembled is just as important as the visuals. Today’s cameras are so sophisticated and easy to use that getting great pictures can look easy (it’s not). But even after gathering a selection of terrific footage, it still needs to be put together in a compelling way.

The word used in narrative filmmaking is montage, and it simply means a series of images that are cut together to tell a larger story. All video uses montage as part of their storytelling, but there are many different approaches that can enhance or detract from the final product. The most important thing is to begin with a concept of what you want your final video to be thematically, and to approach production with video editing in mind.

 Video Editing Style

When TeeFour Productions partnered with to create a corporate identity video, we started with an idea of how the video editing would be handled. They wanted a fast-paced video that worked something like a tour of their facility. They wanted to look modern and high-tech, and they wanted to feature their employees working hard, to emphasize that there are people behind the website.

The video editing was built around the music that they chose. The tempo of the music was the backbone for the video editing. We started the video with the actual entrance to their facility, and then moved through the different departments as you would if you were walking through. TeeFour Productions created the beginning of the video, with the animated envelope. Creating an interesting graphic or opening animation is another overlooked aspect of video editing.

Another important video editing consideration is the onscreen graphics. For this production, we matched the company’s color scheme and font to create the lower thirds that tie in nicely with their website and corporate identity. The slide-in effect complements the fast-paced presentation nicely. The video editing also tells a story — from the front door through the planning and production departments through to shipping, you can see every step of the process that their envelopes go through to reach your door.

If you need to create a New Jersey corporate video where the video editing is crucial to telling your story, get in touch with TeeFour Productions. We specialize in producing online videos that make companies in central New Jersey look their best.