The company profile video is the new brochure. There was a time when a few simple printed materials, like a postcard or a catalog were the standard for business communication. But that time has long passed. If your company does not have a video that gives potential customers an overview of your business, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

Social media has revolutionized the way businesses can market themselves. More importantly, it has changed consumer habits. Today, when a potential customer is shopping for goods or services, the first place they turn is online. Google is the largest and most popular search engine, and often the first place people turn. But did you know that YouTube is a close second? Furthermore, since YouTube is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Google, results from YouTube often land very high up in a typical Google search. A company profile video can help your business rise to the top of organic search.

What is a Company Profile Video?

Simply put, a company profile video is an overview of your business. It typically consists of an interview with the principal or owners, product shots of their offerings, and maybe some customer testimonials. Here is a company profile video that TeeFour Productions created with StudioNow for Krystal White Boards.

To prepare for this video, the owner wrote a script covering all of the points that he wanted to make. TeeFour Productions worked with him to narrow the script and create a tight two-minute video. On shooting day, we brought our portable studio setup to Krystal’s offices and filmed with two cameras while the owner read from a teleprompter. We then had other employees demonstrate various functions, such as design, manufacturing, packaging, and installation of the white boards. The entire shoot took under two hours and caused minimal disruption to their normal business routine.

If you’re ready create a company profile video for your business, give TeeFour Productions a call to find out how simple and affordable it can be to get your company video online.

A popular marketing tool for authors and publishers is the book trailer video. There’s a wide variety of styles that can be found among book trailer videos, including dramatic scenes, author insides, and straight forward sales pitches. At TeeFour Productions, we use our editorial background to create videos that are useful to the viewer while conveying the sales message.

In his book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, author Gary Vaynerchuk lays out the strategy that we employ here. The idea is to give away as much useful information as you can, free of any obligation, to your audience. This allows you to do a number of things. First, it builds goodwill to the people who might be seeking your services. Second, it establishes you as an authority in your field. Finally, it helps you to gain trust in people that you may later be selling to.

The Book Trailer Video

In this video, author and speaker Frances Cole Jones is giving some valuable advice to job seekers. With the economy being what it has been for the last few years, this is a large target market. In order to help the audience feel more receptive to her message, she uses a friendly tone and gives real, practical advice for the job seeker.

The book trailer video opens with images of her books, which serves two purposes. First, it creates some brand awareness for her WOW Factor book and lecture series. Second, by showcasing the books that she’s written, it gives her a level of authority to speak about her subject area.

Book trailer video

Frances Cole Jones

We were able to set up a nice light and sound combination in a conference room to do the shoot. There was very little planning and scripting that went into the video, as Frances is an experienced public speaker and felt that the immediacy of an extemporaneous video would help to convey her energy level more than something scripted.

Of course, it becomes tiresome for the viewer to watch a “talking head” style video for too long. So TeeFour Productions mixed a graphics package that highlights her points with some simple camera changes to keep the video engaging. Mixed with some contemporary jazz music, it keeps the video moving along. The explicit sales pitch doesn’t come until the end, and it’s a soft sell that’s not likely to turn off the viewer.

This book trailer video is likely to be shared on blogs, LinkedIn and other social media sites with a business or personal development focus. Any business video can use the same strategy — give the viewer some useful information before going to the sales pitch. If you need to produce a book trailer video, or any informational video production, give TeeFour Productions a call to find out how we can help.