Ready to create a YouTube channel? At TeeFour Productions, we can help you every step of the way, from coming up with a great channel concept, to producing the videos, to building the channel itself on YouTube.

When attorney Steven Hernandez wanted to create a YouTube channel for his practice, we got together with him to design and create a series of videos that focus on his specialty, DWI defense in New Jersey. Mr. Hernandez wrote a series of short scripts that describe the various legal aspects of DWI charges in the state of New Jersey and demonstrated his expertise in defending these cases.

We began by setting up a simple shoot at his office with a green screen and a teleprompter. At TeeFour Productions, we have a fully mobile setup that can deliver great, studio-quality picture and sound from nearly any location. After Mr. Hernandez finished his readings, we set about creating a series of videos that would have a consistent look and feel that would contribute to the YouTube channel having a strong online identity.

Once all of the videos were completed, it was time to start creating a channel. Google funnels all of the back-end work required to create a YouTube channel through Google Plus. This is actually a good thing when it comes to having a production company like TeeFour build your channel, since we can create a Google Plus page and then make you or your representative a manager of the page. This avoids the necessity of sharing login information but allows us to create content on YouTube using your company’s name.

There are still some administrative hoops to jump through, especially when it comes to verifying your website. This is an essential step, however, as it allows you to place a link back to your website directly on your YouTube channel, and also lets you create annotations within the video that contain an external link. The process is simple, YouTube will provide a snippet of code that your webmaster will be required to upload onto your site.

Building the YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

A clean YouTube channel design.

In building the channel, we were able to incorporate the clean, white look that is present in both the videos and on Mr. Hernandez’s corporate logo. All of the videos were uploaded with detailed metadata descriptions, titles, tags, and transcripts to optimize SEO and discoverability. To further enhance to feel of a content-centered YouTube channel, we created categories for groups of videos like “DWI Penalties in New Jersey.” This has the dual effect of creating playlists that viewers can watch without having to click from video to video. Now that the channel has been established, the Hernandez law firm can create additional videos at their discretion and simply add them to the existing channel. Adding content to an established channel always has a better feel than uploading random videos under nothing more than your user name.

If you are ready to create a YouTube channel but don’t know where to start, get in touch with TeeFour Productions and let our expertise guide you through the process.

Video productions have always been the province of large companies, serving the dual purpose of creating brand awareness and delivering a sales pitch in a way that consumers are open to. Today’s video technology has not only broken barriers for small business to enter the video productions field, it has also created opportunity to reach consumers through new avenues that closely resemble traditional media.

Once again, YouTube is leading the effort. Back in the 20th century, if you wanted to advertise your product or service alongside a quality video productionsnetwork production like ‘Seinfeld’ or ‘E.R.’ you would need to invest heavily in your own video productions. Why? Because the cost of buying that ad space was so great, you couldn’t afford to air a commercial that didn’t have six-figure production standards.

Now, with so many networks running content and highlights on YouTube, it’s easy for anyone to place their ads with great programming that consumers are drawn to. Need proof? The Walt Disney Company just invested $500 million in Maker Studios. “Short-form online video is growing at an astonishing pace,” Said Disney CEO Bob Iger,  “and with Maker Studios, Disney will now be at the center of this dynamic industry with an unmatched combination of advanced technology and programming expertise and capabilities.”

Where Do Your Video Productions Fit In?

Creating a simple video for your company has never been easier. Short video productions can be created entirely in about a week and be airing as pre-roll in front on premium content in no time. And better still, with the great tools that Google AdWords provides, you are able to target your audience precisely by location and video content.

If you are ready to begin marketing your business with video productions that deliver quality messaging and access to the vast online world of premium content, get in touch with TeeFour Productions. Let us show you how easy and affordable it is to get started with video productions and all of the ways it can help your business grow.

The company profile video is the new brochure. There was a time when a few simple printed materials, like a postcard or a catalog were the standard for business communication. But that time has long passed. If your company does not have a video that gives potential customers an overview of your business, you are missing out on a great opportunity.

Social media has revolutionized the way businesses can market themselves. More importantly, it has changed consumer habits. Today, when a potential customer is shopping for goods or services, the first place they turn is online. Google is the largest and most popular search engine, and often the first place people turn. But did you know that YouTube is a close second? Furthermore, since YouTube is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Google, results from YouTube often land very high up in a typical Google search. A company profile video can help your business rise to the top of organic search.

What is a Company Profile Video?

Simply put, a company profile video is an overview of your business. It typically consists of an interview with the principal or owners, product shots of their offerings, and maybe some customer testimonials. Here is a company profile video that TeeFour Productions created with StudioNow for Krystal White Boards.

To prepare for this video, the owner wrote a script covering all of the points that he wanted to make. TeeFour Productions worked with him to narrow the script and create a tight two-minute video. On shooting day, we brought our portable studio setup to Krystal’s offices and filmed with two cameras while the owner read from a teleprompter. We then had other employees demonstrate various functions, such as design, manufacturing, packaging, and installation of the white boards. The entire shoot took under two hours and caused minimal disruption to their normal business routine.

If you’re ready create a company profile video for your business, give TeeFour Productions a call to find out how simple and affordable it can be to get your company video online.

YouTube marketing can mean many things — it could be creating videos to promote your business, or product demonstrations for potential clients, or even instructionals for customers who already bought your product. There are many ways to leverage video content to help your business, but there is one important thing to remember about YouTube: every video is on equal footing.

There are channels that feature “premium” content, but each individual video sits on its own YouTube page, whether it was produced by a multi-million dollar ad agency or a small mom-and-pop store. One area where this has become an extreme example is the beauty industry.

The beauty and cosmetics industry is big business: over $13 billion in annual revenue. And we’ve all seen their ads on television — beautiful young people pouting at the camera in dramatic light. Or fifty-something Hollywood stars who don’t look a day over thirty. That’s the kind of brand recognition that a huge ad budget can buy. But what about online?

In this report from the website Pixability, we can see the impact that smaller players are having on the beauty industry. While the big-name brands all have channels on YouTube, they’re completely overwhelmed by smaller players and individual vloggers who have seized control of the conversation.


As you can see, there are 45,000 channels that focus on beauty-related topics. That’s a lot of video being dedicated to one industry. Yet only 2% of the 700 million monthly views are going to the big players in the industry. To take it a step further, the top 15 beauty vloggers have over 2 million subscribers!

What does all of this mean to the big players in the beauty industry? The most important thing it signals is that in an industry where image control is crucial, they have no control at all. Even if they were to ramp up their YouTube marketing efforts dramatically, there’s almost no way they could stem the tide of information about their products being put out there by third parties.

Smart YouTube Marketing

If you’re a business in central New Jersey looking to put some videos online, you may not think this has much to do with you. After all, if you had millions of customers critiquing your product on YouTube, you’d have millions of customers. Nice problem to have. But the issues facing the big players in the beauty industry can be instructive to any business.

If you are not controlling the flow of information about your product online, someone else may. That someone may be your biggest fan, or your biggest competitor.  Smart YouTube marketing means taking the initiative and putting your best foot forward, so that anyone who is searching for your product or service is likely to find a message that you’ve crafted, and that serves your goals.

TeeFour Productions can help your New Jersey business with your video production needs. Don’t let your message on YouTube be delivered by someone else, get in touch with us and take charge of your YouTube marketing!