How much does it cost? That’s the first question any good business person wants to know. While video production cost can vary greatly from job to job, at TeeFour Productions we are committed to cost transparency and making your budget planning as easy as possible.

video-production-costWe like to start with a simple cost basis of $599. What does this video production cost cover? That’s a single camera shoot for 90 minutes at your location, plus a two to three minute edit with licensed music and two rounds of revisions. That’s as simple as it gets. Many of the sample videos on our site were created from this easy formula. In this product demo video, the business owner demonstrated his product for a small audience at his retail location.

There are some add-ons in this video. The children in the video were paid to appear, and there was some graphic work done on the opening intro. The additional cameras needed for the shoot were not manned, so there was no additional cost there. The edit was simple and quick, falling within the two rounds of revision and taking only 48 hours to complete. So the total cost was $599, plus $150 for the additional talent, plus $150 for the opening animation for a total of $899.


Video Production Cost Breakdown

Here is a quick list of some items that may be added to the simple video production cost:

  •  Additional shooting time: $75 per hour or $500 per day
  • Actors & Talent: $50 per hour or $300 per day
  • Professional Voiceover: $75 per minute
  • Graphic Work (animations, titles): $75 per hour
  • Transcription, $50 per minute
  • Production Assistant: $200 per day
  • Additional Rounds of revision: $75 per hour
  • Physical DVDs: $500 for 100 professionally printed and packaged disks

Actors and talent cost may vary (you’re not getting a celebrity endorsement for $50!). Production assistants may be necessary depending on the scale of the production and the shoot location. If you’re located in a building without simple parking access, a production assistant will be required.

Some of the things we don’t charge for are use of a teleprompter, script help, green screen work, basic color correction, static title and end cards, lower thirds graphics, digital output to file or YouTube, and SEO consultation. If there are any technical problems with your initial shoot, there is no charge for a re-shoot.

As you can see, video production cost involves a lot of variables. But we here at TeeFour Productions have created many quality videos for the $599 starting price. If you are interested in creating a series of videos, please contact us to find out about volume discounts.